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New Advisors to the Film Program

pictured here: Armando Ibanez, Denise Gosdinski-Espinoza, Aimee Galicia Torres, Edgar Alvarado and Brent Nieto

Production Classes

Spring Film Production Classes

Motion Picture Production, TV Production, Cinematography, Music Video Production & Advanced Production


Upcoming Production Workshops

Editing Documentaries and Music Videos, Lighting, Art Direction & Production Management


Storyboarding & Animation Principles Class

pictured here: frames from a midterm project

Music Video

On Stage

Dec. 2017 - Production students assisted Director/DP Aimee Galicia Torres in filming a Music Video for the Osbourne Head & Neck Institute


In Production Club

In Production Club

Filmmaking Program Mission Statement

The film production courses at Cerritos College will introduce students to the broad industry of filmmaking both as a creative art form and as a dynamic business offering many rewarding careers paths.

Students develop industry relevant skills by learning time-honored fundamentals, contemporary trends and current technology to prepare them for a highly competitive field whether to transfer to a film school or to find entry work in the industry.

Six courses have been added to the program since 2008: TV Commercial and PSA Production (FILM103), Film and Digital Cinematography (FILM104), Documentary Film & Reality TV Production (FILM256), Music Video Production (FILM271), Advanced Motion Picture Editing (FILM293) and Advanced Motion Picture Production (FILM 294).

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